Useful Tips On SEO For Law Firms

According to Forbes Magazine, about 21 percent of prospective clients looking for a lawyer start with a search engine. Optimizing your online presence is crucial if you want to capture online traffic. That’s why SEO for law firms is critical to converting online searchers to prospective legal clients. Before you even start looking for a reliable search engine optimization firm, it’s important to understand several tips when it comes to SEO for lawyers.

Target Local Keywords

Internet marketing is quite competitive, so if you’ve just set up shop it’s important to market to your immediate location and establish your firm as a brand. Set your expectations accordingly. It would be a bit of a stretch to start ranking for a highly competitive term. Start by setting your sights on local traffic and work your way upwards. Targeting more competitive regions should be part of your long-term plan after securing traffic and starting to rank highly for searches in your locality.


Practice Area

It’s important that law firms organize their sites according to practice areas. Experts advice devoting a lot of content to your practice areas. For instance, criminal attorneys can focus on practice areas such as grand theft, DUI, burglary and homicide.

User Experience

Directing traffic to your website is not the end of the road. You want to convert site visitors into clients. Conversion rates are likely to be higher only if your site is informative, impressive and professional. If your site is less than good quality, you are likely to lose plenty of potential clients.

An excellent online marketing campaign can put your practice a step ahead, but you should focus your website on conveying expertise and trust. MOZ reiterates that one’s site should provide useful information to visitors and compel them to make contact. A good quality law firm website should include case studies, press coverage, an informative blog, testimonials, case results and engagement objects among other details. The main idea is to leverage the essential elements of SEO to convert as many visitors as you can to clients.

Decide What You Need

SEO involves reputation management, link removal, link building, retargeting, content marketing and PPC management among other services frequently offered by SEO companies. If you can’t pinpoint exactly what you need, start by figuring out what needs to be done. Have a clear goal in mind.

Once you’ve conceptualized the tips and built a working knowledge of SEO, you have to choose a company you can trust to guide you in the right direction. With so many companies providing SEO services, choosing one can prove to be a tough gig. You can afford to trust just anyone with your SEO campaign. A few pointers should guide you in the right direction.


Law firm SEO Keyword Optimization

Your website’s keyword optimization is an essential part of the on page optimization process. The SEO Company you plan to hire should be able to offer advice, analyze and optimize your keywords. This may involve a broad range of services including keyword research and analysis as well as creative content creation.

For law firms, the quality of content is extremely important. Creating content that distinguishes you and your firm from the rest of the crowd should be a top priority for all companies planning to make it online. Your web content acts as an introduction to many potential clients and has a lasting first impression.

Customer Care

The quality of care given to customers mirrors the service quality you can expect once you settle for a particular SEO firm. Moreover, the relative complexity of SEO requires the availability of expert advice within reasonable parameters. Look for a company that will be prompt to answer your questions and give relevant advice or recommendations. A company’s customer care philosophy indicates their level of reliability.


Price is often a huge determining factor, but you have to compare the value of the services offered against the price you will be paying. Aim to get the best value for money. Look for competitive pricing. However, be wary of companies that quote too low as you can never be too sure about the quality of services they offer.



Communication is the backbone of every contract. You should be able to get regular updates and reports regarding your site’s progress, at any time you ask. Be sure the company you are considering has an open communication policy and is ready to provide updates upon request. A good SEO company will do their best to understand your present SEO position, your goals, and your customer base by setting up a great communication channel. Ineffective communication between you and the SEO firm may spell doom. Vet prospective companies thoroughly and make sure you can work together long term.


While there are some reasons to keep clients private, a majority of SEO clients will be more than happy to have their name and link on their consultant’s website. Therefore, ask for referrals. Find out whether the company has worked with other clients before. You want to hire professionals who have specialized in SEO for law firms. If an SEO company cannot provide any evidence of having worked with other clients before, keep searching.